The Final Countdown…

So the final box of the year is here and I couldn’t be more excited to get stuck in! From left to right we have:

Gun Brewery’s Smoked Rye, Ticketybrew’s Pale Ale, Cerveza Tyris’ Paqui Brown, Alchemy’s Rhapsody,@flavourlyhq Knickerbocker Glory, Panda Frog Project’s Hibernator Bock, Alchemy’s Ten Storey Malt Bomb, Cerveza Tyris’ VIPA, Ticketybrew’s Coffee Porter and Gun Brewery’ Velo Dog.

Can’t wait to try and review all of these and share my thoughts with you all!

P.S. This isn’t the last lot of beer for the year… There will be a 2016 Winter Haul coming very soon with both British and Belgian beers for definite!


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