Smooth Sailing on the Wild River

First review for a long while but here it is. Thought I’d get back to it with a beer that wasn’t in the@flavourlyhq box. The beer I chose for the review was @fullers #wildriver.

First off, what a great looking bottle, it was primarily the artwork on the bottle that made me pick this up and want to buy it.

The beer itself is a wonderful double hopped pale ale with an alcoholic volume of 4.5% that has clearly been inspired by the fast growing American craft beer phenomenon. Upon pouring, Wild River lives up to it’s name, effervescing thoroughly against the inside of the glass. After settling down, wild river looks like a very still IPA effervescing only slightly. In colour, Wild River is almost orange, but is mostly a very light amber colour.

The beer has a rather unique blend of hops including Liberty, Willamette, Cascade and Chinook that gives the beer a beautiful grapefruit and passion fruit nose. On the palette, wild river is fantastically flavoured with notes of toffee, orange and passion fruit, with a beautifully satisfying bitter note after every mouthful.

This is a great ale for any lover of beers such as @brewdogofficial Punk IPA, Greene King’s IPA, and @oakhamalesJHB. It especially goes really well with pork chops, so any other cut of pork would also compliment the beer beautifully.


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