Hello there Mr. President!

Talk about kicking down the door of convention!

First off I’d like to say well done to@brewdogofficial creating such a wonderful beer. The first time I tried a beer from brewdog was in 2011; the beer in question being Punk IPA. At the time this beer wasn’t really for me and put me off buying another brewdog beer, needless to say Mr. President has changed my perception on brewdog forever.

Now onto the beer. Mr. President is a double IPA with an alcoholic volume of 9.2%, well all the best things come in small packages I guess! Even from the design of the bottle and label, this beer had me impressed. @brewdogofficial have eloquently taken every detail into consideration even down to the embossing on the label!

On first inspection, this beer packs a punch with notes of caramel on the notes and almost ruby colour on the eye. Due to its percentage, Mr. President sticks to the glass as its moved about. Upon taste, well wow! What can be said?? On first taste this beer left me truly speechless, with is rich fruity flavours such as apricot and mango blasting the tastebuds and a woody, burnt toffee after taste, Mr. President is a truly magnificent beer that you keep wanting more of.

A beautiful beer that can definitely stand by itself, Mr. President is hoppy beer with bold and bitter fruit flavours that I would enjoy as a relaxed session beer. This beer has my vote!


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