My Balearic Adventure – Part 4

The Final Part of My Balearic Adventure was actually upon returning from the gorgeous island of Mallorca.

My final beer from my Mallorcan adventure was the rather stylish looking Sullerica cerveza de blat cru mallorquí (raw Mallorcan wheat beer) weighing in with an alcoholic volume of 3.7%.

A top-fermented beer, brewed from quality ingredients such as Mallorcan wheat, water and lemon peel, Sullerica cerveza de blat cru mallorquí is a smooth and refreshing unfiltered beer from Mallorca. Made in Sóller this beer is, much like sullerica original, outstanding proof that the spanish and especially the Mallorcans can make fantastic beer!

Once settled in the glass, the beer looks as though it is a very traditional wheat beer, with is almost pastelly gold colour and its slight but very white foam. As the name states, the beer is rich with traditional wheat beers flavours such as distinct notes of the wheat, yeast and malt but has a rather interesting subtlety of lemon to it; almost as though the glass has been spiked with lemon. The beer has a soft aroma to it, with slight hints of honey and lemon. As well as being rich in these lemon flavours, sullerica has a rich and sharp not to it common with white wine!

For me this beer has given me a taste and a very high expectation for what Spain and the Balearic Islands have to offer in terms of truly notable ales.


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