My Balearic Adventure – Part 3

The third of my beer reviews abroad is the simplistic and easy to drink blat witbier (4.5% vol) from @beerloversmallorca Based in alcudia, @beerloversmallorca currently have 4 beers on their roster including this blat Witbier, the Llop IPA (earlier reviewed), broll pale ale and bram Amber ale.

In it appearance, blat is a light gold colour and seemingly cloudy from the Belgian yeast. Unlike most witbiers I’ve drunk, blat doesn’t have much of a head to it but, as beer drinkers know, it’s not all about the head!

Blat is a classical produced Witbier using Pilsner barley, Pale Wheat and wheat flakes combined with the traditionally german hop, the Hercules. I believe that is it this combination of barley, wheat and hops that not only give you a refreshing, elegant and tasty wheat beer that would be perfect for a hot summers day but also a smooth and creamy after note on the palette.

Something I found interesting about this beer is the small hints of acidity from the coriander and bitter orange peel that make it similar to drinking a glass of white wine, a characteristic that is hard to find the in most modern beers.

@beerloversmallorca recommend pairing Blat with any light meal, such as mussels, salmon and chicken. I would also recommend and shellfish, light pasta dishes and strangely cigars!

I would strongly recommend anyone that loves beer and is traveling to Mallorca to try this beautiful crafted artisan Witbier and any of the other beers in the @beerloversmallorca roster.


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